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WordPress Site Continuity

What is a Website Care Plan?

Site Continuity is the complete website care plan. Aimed at WordPress we provide a management service to keep your site protected from the constant threat of hackers. We will ensure that your WordPress website is cared for. It will be up to date, backed up securely, scanned for malware frequently and should the worst happen, restored from the most recent backup.

Why is it Important?

WordPress is very popular and is an easy target for hackers and “script kiddies” who will use automated tools to continually test WordPress websites for vulnerabilities. If you forget to update your plugins or WordPress core then you may find yourself getting hacked, the website defaced, and used for spamming. This is not good! Without adequate secure backup this could mean you lose your website.

WordPress Continuity Core Services

Small Tweaks

Need a little tweak to your website? We can handle most small tweaks for you as part of our support.

WordPress Updates

We will handle all the WordPress core and plugin updates ensuring your WordPress website stays current and protected.

CDN and Performance Capable

Your WordPress website could benefit from CloudFlare CDN and other performance tweaks, loading much faster than it does today.

24/7 Security

24/7 website uptime monitoring and malware scanning. In the rare occasion a website gets hacked, we can get it back online fast.

Daily Off-Server Backups

Daily backups of your website database and files to a different server..

WordPress Website Continuity

Your WordPress website is vital to your business. Could you afford downtime on your website due to hackers compromising your website? If not, let us take charge and take care.

What are the Benefits?

We Protect Your Site

Security is vital for WordPress websites. Hackers frequently scan websites in various ways trying to break in and upload malicious files. Their methods including login Brute Force (guessing passwords) or taking advantage of an out of date vulnerable plugin. We’re here to stop that and take care of everything that is needed to keep hackers out and your website safe. With 24/7 uptime monitoring, brute force login protection, frequent malware scans and keeping your website up to date with the latest core and plugin updates you will have nothing to worry about.

A Faster Website

A fast loading website is important for visitors and search engines. Both don’t like waiting around and you could be losing out on sales and visitors.

We will review your website and then implement any performance improvements that we see possible that you agree too. This includes using our CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure speedy loading to a (inter)national audience, as well as other optimizations such as image, server compression, page caching and browser caching.

Partner with Us!

Partner with us today and start focussing on managing your awesome website content and leave all the technical aspects to us.

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Reliable Backups and Restores

Ensuring you have a good backup is vital if you want your website to survive a disaster, be it through malicious activity or an issue with your web host. If you didn’t have a backup what would you do? How would you get your website back?

We will implement an off-server backup plan tailored to your website to ensure that your database and website files are fully protected and can be easily restored if needed.