How to configure email on your iPhone

You can use IMAP or POP on your iPhone.  Setting up the iPhone is straight forward and you only need a few details to do this.  This article is based upon iPhone OS4.

This article assumes you already have an email account created.  If not, refer to the web hosting guide at

The instructions are based upon an example of setting up an email account

  1. In the iPhone settings add a new email account.
  2. Choose 'Other' as the account type.
  3. Click 'Add Mail Account'.
  4. Enter Name, Address, Password and a Description.  The Address is the full email address you have set up in cPanel.
  5. The iPhone willl lookup your account.
  6. When presented, choose either IMAP or POP.  The choice is yours.
  7. Enter details for BOTH the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers.
    • The Host Name is
    • Username is the full email address,
    • Password is whatever you created in cPanel for this email address
  8. Click Next if setting up IMAP, or Save if setting up POP.
  9. For IMAP, there is an additional option to turn notes on, this is optional.  Click Save.

The iPhone may perform some verification checks on the account.  It will probably fail, just click continue to move on to the next step.  Your email account will still be set up and work OK.

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