How do I create a database to use with my website?

Database management is performed using the Secure HELM Control Panel ( Online tutorials for creating and managing databases can be found at in the Database Management section.

If you have any problems please contact us for support.

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What Databases are supported?

Currently database support is for mySQL and MS Access.  MS SQL is available upon request.

Can I use mySQL remote management tools to manage my database?

For mySQL yes.  You can use the online database management tool located within your hosting...

How do I create a mySQL Database?

A mySQL database is created using cPanel.  View the following video tutorial to see how to do...

How can I manage my mySQL Database?

You can manage your mySQL database using our online database management tool located within your...

What are the connection details I need to use for my scripts to connect to my mySQL database?

mySQL connection information can be obtained from the hosting control panel under the database...

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